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on march 8th,  shanghai innovatech wish all female compatriots have a happy women's day. thank all for their hard work. there would be no shanghai innovatech without then all.



today, all female compatriots in shanghai innovatech can register with the ministry of administration for a beautiful gift and a bunch of beautiful carnations.

we are well known that women play an important role in shanghai innovatech. many of our important positions are held by female compatriots. of course, these "goddesses" have created extraordinary achievements in their respective positions, which we can all see.


innovatech administration department carefully selected small gifts of beauty and beauty for the goddesses.

beautiful gifts bring the breath of spring.



march is a romantic season
the sunshine is warm and bright.
the spring breeze is gentle and gentle.
women in march are like flowers.

goddess, everyone is beautiful and fragrant.




the sunshine was just right that year. we met so well that we thought you were another me.


innovatech has beautiful women who are unique and independent.

small welfare cannot express our gratitude, shanghai innovatech entrepreneurship so far, there have emerged many outstanding women, they work silently in their respective positions.
shanghai innovatech remembers every effort of you all. on the special day, besides full thanks, we also have our incomparable respect.

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