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father's love is like the warmth of a sun to give you strength and faith, like the hardness of a diamond to show you his consistent support and strong mind. i am so thankful to feel the love from my father. raising me up is not easy, and i still can remember that daddy got up early to send me to school when i was a child no matter rainy day or sunny day. he drove a motor to pick me up each weekday after his work.

greatness comes from daily life and is father's kind care. as i grow up gradually, i
do cherish the moment with my parents.

thank you, my dear dad, for teaching me how to be a brave and responsible girl keeping in positive mind. there is an old saying "trees prefer calm while wind not subside;
son chooses filial whileparents died ."

speak out your love to dear parents and care more about them, and i am sure that they will feel it strongly.

"daddy, i love you".

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